Manufacturing for
Over 20+ Years

Since 2002

BLACKBIRD SkinCare established as a factory in 2002, a foreign trade division in 2009 and a formal foreign trade company in 2015 to support and service the skincare sourcing and production needs of independent skincare brands, major corporations and e-commerce retailers.

We manage the entire supply chain process from development, raw material and packaging sourcing, sampling, skincare production, packaging, quality control assessment to arranging product delivery.

Above all, at BLACKBIRD we see every project as a partnership where quality and the joy of seeing a creative idea come to life are paramount.

We believe in a world where anyone with a creative idea and an internet connection can work with us to create their own skincare brand.

To date, we have worked with clients all over the world, from the USA to Tahiti, to launch and grow their skincare businesses and brands.


21 years of export and industrial experience in skin care, serving 55 countries.


The laboratory for analysis and quality control our production in all stages.


The manufacturer connects directly with you, no middleman, help you save money.


All products made of high quality raw material. Careful and attractive packaging.

Here's What Can We Do For You

Your star product

We can customize unique and competitive skincare products specifically for your brand. 

We will provide you with formula upgrade plans based on market trends to create trendy products. 

We can replicate formulas according to your needs, with a similarity rate of up to 90%.

Your product certification

We have reached long-term strategic cooperation with internationally renowned raw material suppliers, regularly evaluate supplier qualifications, and ensure quality at the source.

Certification Registration Assistance:Familiar with the application procedures and standards of domestic and foreign market access certificates.Provide compliance analysis and risk assessment services.Assist in the application of access certificates, document preparation, review and submission.

Patent Assistance:Provide professional technical support, special patent components.Familiar with various patent application procedures at home and abroad.Assist in optimizing the application materials and shorten the approval cycle.


Your worries

In order to establish a long-term partnership built on trust, we can sign a confidentiality agreement with you to protect your business secrets and prevent any third-party from accessing or using them.

We have established a sound mechanism for quick response, ensuring timely and efficient responses, proactive measures, and effective solutions to any issues you may have. 

We will continuously monitor product trends, proactively identify potential issues or areas for upgrades, and provide solutions for formula or packaging upgrades to enhance product competitiveness.

Modern Production Base
·2,000 square meters 100,000-level clean production workshop.
·13 daily production lines, 2 automatic filling production lines.
·Production is strictly in accordance with EU ISO22716 and US GMPC standards.
·Ensure efficient, stable and reliable production.
Production Equipment
·Introduce advanced production equipment from the United States and Germany.
·Meet advanced technology and production capacity needs.
·German technology vacuum homogeneous emulsification device, capacity ranging from 30KG, 50KG, 300KG, 500KG, 1T.
·Efficient and fast automatic canning machine and automatic sealing machine.
·Efficient and fast automatic canning machine and automatic sealing machine.
·EDI two-stage reverse osmosis pure water system, with a daily output of 20 tons of pure water.
Quality Control
·We have a product quality inspection standard higher than that of the peers. The product quality inspection standard has been upgraded from AQLⅡ to AQLⅢ to ensure that each product reaches high quality in terms of peace of mind and quality.
·During the production process, we will conduct a comprehensive inspection of the product at each different step (filling net capacity, integrity of assembly parts, assembly tightness, overall appearance quality inspection, total mass of the whole box)
·After the product is produced, we will conduct various quality inspections on the product (vacuum test, stability test, microbial test, drop test, simulated transportation test, finished product sample observation room)
Modern R&D Center
·500㎡ product advanced laboratory, cooperate with domestic and foreign top laboratories.
·Central laboratory, efficacy testing room, raw material testing room, safety testing room, microbial challenge room, stability testing room, product experience room.
·Gather 15 senior engineers with more than 10-20 years of experience in R&D and testing of many major brand formulas.
·After 20 years of formula precipitation, 13% of the profits are invested in technology research and development every year, and a reserve library of 6000+ functional products has been established.
·In-depth cooperation with top international R&D institutions and raw material suppliers.
Services We Provide
·Market Planning:Keep up with market trends, search for new ingredients, and develop innovative formulas.
·Recommended Packing:Starting from the brand style, provide creative suggestions on packaging materials.
·Product Design:Combining brand and consumer preferences to provide you with product design.
·Delivery Plans:Customize the delivery method and time that best suits your needs.
·Channel Assistance:Assist in market development and enter more retail channels.

Our Founders

Tiana, Founders

I think my university experience has helped me a lot in identifying business opportunities. During my Masters in Public Administration, I gained a deeper understanding and knowledge in areas such as marketing, strategy development and project management. In addition, my internship experience has enhanced my professional skills and business acumen.
During my internship at the World Health Organisation, I studied the distribution of healthcare resources between different countries, which made me aware of the huge business opportunities that exist in the healthcare sector. And my role as a partner in a financial services company in Shanghai, where I was responsible for liaising with entrepreneurs, understanding their needs and providing them with financial advice, also allowed me to develop my knowledge of the market.
So when I returned to the family business, Heruun, I started to look at opportunities in the company’s foreign trade sector. I realised that the Chinese skincare market was growing rapidly and that, as a foundry, our company could expand quickly through private label. So I decided to set up Blackbird Skincare to focus on exporting our products to international markets and providing private label services to brands.
Once the company was up and running, I used my marketing and project management skills to rapidly develop the business. By building great relationships with our customers and using innovative marketing strategies, we have been able to establish Blackbird Skincare as a highly sought after bespoke skincare company in the international market.

We Have Helped Build More Than 100 Brands Worldwide

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