Top 11 Best Cosmetics Manufacturers in China 2023

If you are thinking of starting a cosmetics company, you may be considering choosing a cosmetics manufacturer in China to be your partner.

Not only are Chinese cosmetic manufacturers the best choice for your own cosmetic brand, but more and more large cosmetic brands are being produced and developed in China. This is because Chinese cosmetic manufacturers are becoming more sophisticated in their packages, offering affordable prices, high quality products and a wide range of options.

There are many ways in which Chinese cosmetic manufacturers differ from Korean and other European and American cosmetic manufacturers.

In this article, we will explore the best Chinese cosmetics manufacturers and take a look at each one.

Intercos Technology (Suzhou SIP) Co., Ltd

Let’s talk about the world’s largest make-up factory partner brands – Dior, Lancôme, Chanel and more. These top cosmetic OEM groups all work with Intercos, which supplies 40% of the world’s high-end cosmetic brands!

Since entering the Chinese market in 2003, Intercos has become one of the largest make-up OEMs in China, with a total of three subsidiaries in Suzhou and Shanghai. In this way, they have built up a complete industrial chain, from R&D to production, a cluster second only to the size of Intercos’ Italian headquarters.

Intercos is also one of the largest OEMs for colour cosmetics in the Chinese market, providing services to well-known brands such as CHANDO, PROYA, MEIFUBAO, MARUBI, MAOGEPING and MARIEDALGAR. In addition, they also supply international brands such as Dior, Lancome, Chanel and Armani. It’s simply pivotal and cavalier!

To understand more about the OEM process and its importance in the cosmetics industry, which is a key part of Intercos’s operations, check out our blog post on Cosmetics Manufacturer OEM/ODM.

Factory address:
Suzhou, Jiangsu Province.
Product Type:
Powder,Foundation,Automatic Pencils,Powder Foundations,Lipsticks,Nails,Skincare.


COSMAX is a big name! The world’s largest cosmetics OEM has set up a dedicated make-up factory in China!

COSMAX’s client base is not weak either, including many global brands such as MAYBELLINE, KOREAGU and BIG EVE. And according to officials, COSMAX’s sales in China alone reached 2.91 billion yuan in 2022, making it the undisputed number one cosmetic OEM/ODM company in the Chinese market!

It seems that COSMAX is going very strong in China, and I believe they will have more amazing performances in the future to bring more fresh blood to the Chinese cosmetic market!

Factory address:
Guangzhou, Guangdong Province
Product Type:
Skin care: lotions, emulsions, creams, masks, cleansing products, essences, body series, for children, others.
Make-up: primers, foundations, concealers, dual-purpose powders, powders, eye shadows, mascaras, eyeliner products, lipsticks, make-up prep, Pebble creams.
Hair: basic hair care, intensive hair care, hair wax, hair gel, hair mousse, shaving foamFunctional: sun protection, whitening, complex effect.

Foshan Blackbird Trading Co., Ltd.

Blackbird has a very good service!They specialise in supporting and servicing independent skincare brands, large companies and e-commerce retailers with their skincare sourcing and production needs.

Not only that, Blackbird also offers professional label design and printing services at very affordable prices. This has made them the leading one-stop manufacturer of private label skincare products in China.

In addition, they have established long-term strategic partnerships with internationally renowned raw material suppliers and regularly assess their qualifications to ensure product quality at source. And they are also familiar with the application procedures and criteria for domestic and international market access certificates, and provide compliance analysis and risk assessment services. For patents, they also provide professional technical support and assistance in optimising application materials and shortening the approval cycle.

All in all, Blackbird is a very comprehensive service and a very reliable partner in helping skincare brands operate more smoothly in the Chinese market!

For more information about our services and capabilities at Foshan Blackbird Trading Co., Ltd, feel free to explore our blog post on Top China Private Label Skin Care Manufacturers

Factory address:
Guangzhou, Guangdong Province.
Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province.
Product Type:
Facial Care:Facial Makeup Removal & Cleansing、Facial Exfoliators、Facial Mask、Facial Moisturizers、Eye & Lip Care、Neck Care & Acne Treatment.
Body Care:Body Lotion & Body Oil & Body Butter、Body Exfoliation & Cleansing、Body Sunscreen And Tanning、Other Personal Care.
Sunscreen:Daily Sun Protection、Darken Skin Surface、Instant Shimmering Body.
Tattoo Care:Tattoo Anaesthesia、Tattoo Moisturiser、Tattoo Aftercar.
Hair Care:Hair Growth、Basic Care、Scalp Care.

Kolmar Cosmetics (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.

Kolmar is also a foundry giant! With sales of 8.1 billion yuan (1,586.3 billion won) in 2021, they are no better than COSMAX, who is also a foundry company. And, it turns out, they have a strong foundation in the make-up sector too.

Kolmar is known to have many patented technologies in the field of BB creams, foundations and barrier creams, which is really impressive! They currently have 2 factories in China, in Beijing and Wuxi, and Kolmar’s annual production capacity in the Chinese market can even reach 450 million pieces!

Of course, Kolmar also has a very strong customer base in China, including well-known brands such as Max Factor, MISSHA and ETUDE HOUSE. We believe that Kolmar will perform better and better in the Chinese market in the future, bringing more new surprises and development opportunities to the Chinese cosmetics industry!

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Factory address:
Yantai, Shandong Province.
Wuxi, Jiangsu Province.
Product Type:
Skin care:lotions, emulsions, creams, masks, cleansers, essences, others – aromatic products, hair.
Make-up: primer, make-up prep, concealer, water loose powder, powder, eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner products, lip products.
Functional: sun protection, whitening.

Athena(Guangzhou) Cosmetics Manufacturer Co., Ltd

Athena is slightly older than Ridgepole by a year! Their original name was Aram International Biss Cosmetics Factory, established in 1996. However, in 2003, they transitioned to undertake OEM/ODM/OBM cosmetic OEM business.

Functional: sun protection, skin lighteningThey are part of a cosmetic company, the Yalan group (which owns many brands such as VAQUA and BC), but specialise in processing for external brands. This is indeed a very smart way to make the most of their strengths and advantages and provide a high quality service to more brands.

I believe that Athena will go from strength to strength in the future, leaving an even deeper mark on the Chinese market and continuing to inject new energy and inspiration into the cosmetic OEM industry!

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Factory address:
Guangzhou, Guangdong Province.
Product Type:
Face Care:Aloe Gel,Face Wash,Face Toner,Face Cream,Face Mask,Face Serum,Face Scrub,Skin Care Set.
Eye Care:Eye Cream,Collagen Eye Mask.
Body Care:Body Wash,Body Lotion,Body scrub,Sunblock cream lotion,Deodorant,Hand And Foot Care,Hair Removal cream.
Hair care:Shampoo,Conditioner,Hair Growth Serum.
Handmade soap:Shampoo Soap,Body Soap,Face Soap.
Makeup:Face,Lip stick, Lip gloss,Mascara,Makeup,Essential Oil.
Men Care:Body care,Face care,Beard Care.

Thaiho Group Lee Shin Bio-Tech Cosmetics(Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Thaiho is really a very impressive OEM companies ! They have opened R&D centres in France and Japan, a sampling centre in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, a factory in China, and over 100 PhDs doing R&D. Moreover, Dior, Lancôme, Chanel and other top international brands are their clients!

Although it is a Taiwanese OEM, it has two sub-factories in mainland China – Leeshin and Revlon. in addition, there are reports in the foreign media that 60% of the world’s top brands have partnerships with Thaiho, and there is a persistent rumour that Taiho Biotech is the second largest make-up producer in the world In addition, there are reports in the foreign press that 60% of the world’s top brands work with Thaiho.

It can be said that Thaiho is one of the elite companies representing the manufacturing in China and has made a significant contribution to the development of the Chinese cosmetics industry. I believe they will continue to play to their strengths in the future and bring more new surprises and breakthroughs to the cosmetic OEM industry!

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Factory address:
Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.
Product Type:
Lips:Lipstick,Lip gloss,Lip kit,Lip egg shape,Lip care.
Skincare:Cleansing,Facial mask,Serum.
Eyes:Eyeshadow palette,Eyeliner pen,Water based eyeliner,Multi-function eyeshadow and eyeliner pen,Mascara,Brow.

NOX BELLCOW Cosmetics Co., Ltd

NOX BELLCOW’s ability to produce 4 million face masks a day is really quite impressive! It turns out that not only are they the largest cosmetic OEM/ODM company in China, but they are also the only local cosmetic OEM/ODM company in China with an annual revenue of over 1 billion RMB – NOX BELLCOW.

It is understood that NOX BELLCOW now has 38 mask production lines, each of which can make 100,000 masks, which enables them to easily produce 4 million masks per day. The mask OEM business already accounts for more than 50% of the company’s share, which shows the company’s strength and advantage in this field.

We believe that NOX BELLCOW will continue to be at the forefront of the cosmetic OEM industry in the future, continuously improving its technology and services to bring more new opportunities and room for development to the Chinese cosmetic market!

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Factory address:
Zhongshan, Guangdong Province.
Product Type:
Facial Mask:Sheet Mask,Clay Mask,Freeze-Dried Mask,Instant Mask.
Skin Care:Skin Care Set,Freeze Dried Powder,Creams & Lotions,Essence Ampoule,Cleansing Series,Lipstick Series, Hand Cream.
Wet Wipes:Dry Wet Tissue, Baby Wipes,Skin Cleansing Wet Tissues,Make-Up Remover Wet Tissues,Furniture Car Wipes.
Body Care:Pregnancy and Infant,Makeup&Remover.

Guangzhou Ridgepole Biological Technology Co.,Ltd.

Ridgepole was established in 1998, formerly known as ESEN, but in 2001, the company began a strategic transformation to focus on OEM/ODM cosmetic products, switching from being a brand owner to being a cosmetic OEM. We mainly OEM all kinds of washing, creams, powders, eye masks, face masks, soaps, bath salts, colour cosmetics and essential oils.

In 2014, Qingdao Gold King invested in Dongfang and became its largest shareholder with 45% of the shares, and at the end of 2015, Ridgepole was officially listed on the New Third Board, becoming a listed company. It can be seen that Ridgepole’s development history is very characteristic and bright, and has a strong capital support and strength guarantee.

We believe that in the future, Ridgepole will continue to bring its advantages and strengths into play to create a more efficient, professional and reliable cosmetic OEM service, bringing more new opportunities and room for development to the Chinese cosmetic market!

To gain more insights into the OEM/ODM process in the cosmetics industry, a strategy that Ridgepole has adopted, you can read our blog post Cosmetics Manufacturer OEM/ODM.

Factory address:
Guangzhou, Guangdong Province.
Product Type:
Facial:Cleansing brush, eye cream,High nutrition toner,BB cream,Make-up remover cream,Nutrition toner,BB cream,Basic cream.
Hair:Essential oils,Hair repair membrane,Hair film,Conditioner,Shampoo.
Physical:Body massage oil,Body lotion,Chamomile body wash,Osmanthus body wash,The jasmine body wash,The rose body wash.
Efficacy of:Acne removal,Plant hair removal cream,Whitening cream,Sunscreen SPF50,Sunscreen SPF30.

Zhejiang B&F Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang B&F Cosmetics Co., Ltd., established in 2005, stands as a beacon in the cosmetics industry, specializing in both OEM and ODM production. Nestled in a sprawling 12,000 square meter facility, the company boasts a workforce of 180 dedicated employees and an impressive daily output that can soar beyond 50,000 sets. What sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to production even during peak seasons like the Chinese New Year.

The name “B&F” isn’t just a label; it’s a philosophy. It encapsulates the essence of beauty and fashion, the desire to be timeless, and the aspiration to be the best friend to their customers. Their goal? To craft the finest makeup products and forge lasting bonds with their clientele.

Quality isn’t just a buzzword for them; it’s a promise. Their accolades, including ISO 22716, GMPC, and BSCI certifications, speak volumes of their commitment. Moreover, their in-house laboratory, equipped for microbiological and heavy metal detection, ensures that every product that leaves their facility is nothing short of perfect.

With 17 years under their belt, they’ve carved a niche for themselves in the cosmetics world. They’re not just manufacturers; they’re partners in growth, always looking forward to collaborating with businesses that prioritize quality, require substantial quantities, and value enduring partnerships.

In a nutshell, if you’re in the market for a reliable cosmetics manufacturer that promises quality, consistency, and a touch of partnership, Zhejiang B&F Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is where your search ends.

Factory address:Jinhua City , Zhejiang, China

Product Types:

  • Lipstick
  • Lip Gloss
  • Lip Liner
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Eyebrow
  • Foundation
  • Powder
  • Blusher
  • Eye Shadow
  • Concealer
  • Nail Polish

Guangdong Bawei Biotechnology Corporation

Established in 2006, Guangdong Bawei Biotechnology Corporation has grown to become a trusted name in the cosmetics and personal care sector. As a publicly-listed ODM/OBM company, Bawei operates with a level of transparency and dedication that few can match. Their commitment isn’t just on paper; it’s evident in their actions. They’ve set up their own third-party testing institution, ensuring that every product they produce meets the highest standards.

What truly sets Bawei apart is their embrace of technology and innovation. They’ve integrated the best of global production equipment and data systems, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in cosmetics manufacturing. Their certifications, including the likes of ISO9001 and GMPC, are a testament to their unwavering commitment to quality.

With over 60 patents to their name and a staggering 6,000+ formulas launched, Bawei’s expertise is undeniable. Every year, they collaborate with over 500 brands, offering them holistic solutions tailored to their unique needs.

So, if you’re a brand that values quality, innovation, and a collaborative approach, Bawei might just be the partner you’ve been searching for. Their track record speaks for itself, and their forward-thinking approach ensures they’re always one step ahead in the ever-evolving world of cosmetics.

Factory address:Guangzhou City, Guangdong

Product Categories:

  • Face Care: Face Cream, Face Pack, Face Serum, Face Cleanser, Lip Care, Face Sunscreen, etc.
  • Body Care: Hand & Foot Care, Body Wash, Body Scrub, Body Lotion, etc.
  • Men Care: Men Skin Care, Beard Care.
  • Hair Care: Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner, Hair Body Care Travelling Set, Curly Hair Leave-in Conditioner, Hair Care Travel Set, etc.
  • Baby Care: Baby Skin Care.
  • Eye Care: Lavender Soothing And Moisturizing Eye Mask, Anti Aging Eye Cream.
  • Makeup: Face & Body Makeup, Lip Makeup, Eye Makeup, Makeup Removal Smoothie Gel, Deep Clean Makeup Remove Cleansing Balm, Gentle Deep Cleansing Makeup Remover Water.

Guangzhou Xiran Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Xiran Cosmetics Co., Ltd. has carved a niche for itself in the cosmetics world since its inception. With a vast array of products spanning from skincare to baby care, they’ve become a trusted name for brands seeking private label solutions. But it’s not just about the products; Xiran’s flair for branding and packaging ensures that every product tells a story.

What sets Xiran apart? Their commitment to quality is unwavering. With certifications like GMPC and ISO 22716, they ensure that every product meets international standards. Their in-house R&D team continually pushes the envelope, ensuring that their offerings are both innovative and safe. And it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach; Xiran understands the uniqueness of each brand and offers tailored solutions, be it in the formula or the packaging.

With over a decade in the industry, a treasure trove of over 10,000 formulas, and an impressive daily production capacity, Xiran’s prowess is evident. Whether you’re a budding brand or an industry giant, Xiran’s holistic approach to cosmetics manufacturing is bound to resonate.

In a nutshell, if you’re on the lookout for a cosmetics manufacturer that blends quality, innovation, and customization, Guangzhou Xiran Cosmetics Co., Ltd. should be on your radar.

Factory address:Guangzhou City, Guangdong

Product Categories:

  • Face Care: Skin Care Set, Face Cream, Face Serum, Face Toner, Face Scrub, Face Oil, Facial Cleanser, Makeup Remover, Masks (Sheet Mask, Sleeping Mask, Clay Mask, Wash Off Mask, Peel Off Mask, Hand & Foot Mask).
  • Sunscreen: Sunscreen Cream, Sunscreen Spray.
  • Eye Care: Eye Cream, Eye Serum, Eye Patches.
  • Lip Care: Lip Oil, Lip Scrub, Lip Mask.
  • Body Care: Body Lotion/Cream, Body Butter, Body Scrub, Body Wash, Body Oil.
  • Men Care: Men Skin Care, Beard Care.
  • Hair Care: Hair Shampoo, Hair Conditioner, Hair Mask, Hair Scrub, Hair Oil, Hair Serum.
  • Pregnancy Skin Care.
  • Baby & Kids Care: Skin Care, Baby Wipes.
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